How did it all begin?

Our company Dagmaara was founded by several energetic families that combined their knowledge, energy and experience.

Amongst us you can find professional accountants, HR specialists, clerks, quality managers, translators, IT specialists and system administrators, and on top of all this we even have a psychologist.

The most experienced part of our team has, over the course of their lifetime, acquired some unique competences, such as quality management in the field of accounting.

What do we offer?

  • Accounting, tax advisory and financial audit services
  • HR management and legal advice in the field of labour rights
  • Development, implementation and upkeep of quality management systems, audit services
  • Registration of companies, organisations and foundations
  • Outsourced IT services
  • Hosting and registration of domain names
  • Development of home pages and mobile applications

For students we offer internships and free consultations.

Who are we? Meet our team!

We will listen to you, give an advice and find the right approach.

Our main services

Below you can find what we do best!


The accountants of Dagmaara have studied management, customs and tax administration, obtained professional certification, and continue to improve their knowledge at monthly seminars. They have kept building on their professional experience for three decades already.

The smallest client of Dagmaara is a company that manages a mid-sized apartment building, while our largest client is a Western European food producer. Their scope of operation stretches from Latvia to Spain in the south, and to Norway in the north.

The accountants of Dagmaara have great qualities - they constantly continue to study and consult with various experts to improve their professional knowledge.

The greatest qualities of the accountants of Dagmaara - they constantly continue to study and consult with various experts to improve their professional knowledge.

The greatest abilities of the accountants of Dagmaara - they know how to explain rules and laws in an easy and understandable manner.

Dagmaara uses the following financial systems to provide its services - Hansa Enterprise, Tildes Jumis, Horizon, SAP, Moneo, Uniconta and Briox. Knowing the capabilities of these applications, we are able to offer the most suitable one for the type of activity of the client.

We are a member of The Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Latvia.

Dagmaara (registration number 40003878439) has been granted an outsourced accountant's licence No AGL0000020. You can check the validity period of the licence here.

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Quality management

The quality managers of Dagmaara truly love their work and have been doing it for more than ten years.

A quality manager is a person who understands what is going on in the company and is able to push processes and employees gently towards excellence.

The quality managers of Dagmaara have been working on the development of an IT tool for accountants that supports and improves their daily work routine. It is known as the electronic notebook VEDIS.

VEDIS has received an acknowledgment from the organisers of the "Quality Innovation of the Year 2014" and is the winner of the national draft of "Quality Innovation of the Year 2015" in its category.

The specialists of Dagmaara have experience in the development and implementation of various quality management systems, as well as in auditing (including internal audit).

We are one of the founding members of the Latvian Quality Management Organisation.

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The IT specialists of Dagmaara are able to develop web and mobile applications as well as simple websites. They can register a domain name and host the site or server (even VPS), sell, purchase and maintain the IT and computer equipment. They also excel in teaching IT skills to students as well any other person.

Have you developed a new IT program but don’t want to deal with training the users? Are you implementing a new IT system at your company but do not have anyone who can train the users? Our specialists in IT training will quickly get acquainted with your IT system, prepare the training course and train the users.

Mana Alga - salary calculatorWe have developed a mobile app "Mana Alga" that will help you quickly and easily calculate how much money you will get from your salary and how much money the state will get.

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Our IT specialists are truly magicians – they can do anything!

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